Any legal professional can register and invite acquaintances. Registration is free, fast and secure.

Create discussion groups

  • Accessible to all or by invitation only
  • Visible to all members or hidden
  • Manage your groups and assign roles
  • Collaborate on documents

Stay on top of the news

  • Post, comment, share, follow, discover
  • Content of interest to the legal world
  • Create personalized news feeds
  • Filter posts and perform searches

Increase your visibility

  • Expand your professional network
  • Organize events
  • Ask questions and help others
  • Find collaboration or career opportunities

Protect your data

  • Keep control of your personal data
  • Enter the data you want to display
  • Remain the owner of your information and content
  • In a protected and secure environment

Why choose Lawdle?

  • Lawdle has been designed and built for legal professionals and makes the difference with the following characteristics.


  • no data is shared, transferred or commercially exploited
  • there is no advertising and you are not profiled
  • no opaque algorithm classifies the contents for you


  • the platform is dedicated to the legal world (content, categories…)
  • you can create customized news feeds (legal categories, keywords…)
  • you can create and use your own tags by group
  • email notifications can be managed by post and by group


  • there is no need for a user manual, help is integrated into the pages
  • group management is centralized (one main group and related groups)
  • a single interface allows you to publish in private, to members or the public


  • you can collaborate on documents
  • you can attach files and search in them
  • a post can be published with an interactive table of contents
  • feeds, filters and search engine can be combined


  • a single post can be published in several languages (currently in English, French and Dutch)
  • you can create and display your profile and your group page in different languages
  • searches and news feeds can be created in several languages


  • we follow best in-class industry security practices
  • all data in transit to our servers and backups are encrypted
  • the domain is protected and our servers are secure (Amazon EC2 - Europe)
  • As a legal professional, you can create a FREE and secure account in less than a minute and use most of Lawdle's features:
  • publish, share and discuss content with public visibility or intended for Lawdle members
  • ask questions to other members and help them
  • create customized news feeds
  • search words, use all filters
  • create open and visible discussion groups
  • By choosing a PREMIUM plan, you have access to options allowing private and more professional use of Lawdle (private posts, file upload, subgroups…). The final version of Lawdle was released in the spring of 2019 and is fully and freely accessible since then. Administrators of main groups will be contacted personally when the Premium plans will be subject to payment for the future. No invoice will be issued without express prior consent. The number of members per group is unlimited and they pay nothing. The prices mentioned below are indicative.
Free Basic Small Medium Large
10 €
35 €
150 €
280 €
Administrator 1 1 2 3 5
Moderator - 1 1 2 5
Other roles -
Own tags -
Private posts -
Quick posts -
Hidden groups -
Closed groups -
File upload -
Collaborative process -
Groups 1 1 2 10 20
  • Lawdle also designs TAILOR-MADE accounts and groups for bar associations, publishers, institutions and organisations with a large number of members. Member profiles can be created and configured according to your wishes, as well as groups with the limitations of your choice. If you are interested in a tailor-made solution, please let us know at .